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15 Ιουλίου 2011

Greece's Beyonce: Shaya Hansen POPS!

Η Shaya είναι η Beyonce της Ελλάδας. Έτσι τουλάχιστον παρουσιάζεται απο το επίσημο blog/site με την ανάλογη επικεφαλίδα.
παρακάτω το κείμενο απο το εν λόγο blog/site

"Greece's Beyoncé: Shaya Hansen Pops"

"Earlier this year, Greece's Shaya Hansen released a sweet-looking clip for "In Your Eyes" and it's well worth watching. This singer is crazy talented and I love this track, which has elements of house music yet remains a pop/R&B song (in English). Hansen is one of the best-known pop performers in Greece. Her career started when she was on “Pop Stars” (TV show). The result of this participation was the creation of the music band “Hi5." The girl group released a few albums for Warner Greece, but now she's on MyGroup/Sony Greece. Fantastic single, check it"

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